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Who we are, what we're up to, and why the world needs to know it's okay to be ambitious.

Thank you for checking out the Rhiz Above It podcast. We hope there's something helpful for you here, whether you want to start a business, have already started one, or are just looking for ways to overcome burdens and barriers in your every day life.

Too many of us lead lives of quiet desperation, to paraphrase Thoreau. The goal here is to communicate struggles that often get overlooked so we may all know ourselves and others better, and hopefully gain more self-confidence in the process.

Our guests will range from influencers, to Rhiz subscribers, students, politicians, and stay-at-home moms and dads.

It's all relative

Too often in motivational speeches, podcasts, and conferences, the stories of journey to fame, financial freedom, or personal success are just plain unrelatable.

The story of the guy who slept on his couch when starting the business...but had $100,000+ in the bank.

The "I slept at the office when building my business" tale, when they just left a giant hedge fund months prior.

These don't relate to someone who wants to start a landscaping business, or a wedding planner in Iowa, or a plumber in upstate New York.

Our goal is to tell real stories. Not every guest will be a millionaire, but not everyone wants to be one, either.

Our objective is to break the global poverty paradigm and empower millions to pursue their goals, whatever that means to them.

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