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Episode 9: Omar Elattar of The Passionate Few

For our 9th episode, we're excited to discuss a multitude of themes on success and determination with Omar Elattar, the host of The Passionate Few podcast.

Listen here - Episode 9

You may know him as Omar "The Rockstar" from his popular interviews with business leaders such as John Paul Dejoria of Patron or Ed Mylett whom you may know from YouTube as well.

We connected after Stuart discovered that Omar (like he and Geoff) also grew up skating at a young age, and we wanted to see if there was a connection between extreme sports and entrepreneurship. In our longest (and perhaps best) interview yet, we discussed the fact that skaters and others involved in extreme sports are continuously giving themselves permission to take risks and see an idea (a new trick) through to completion, skills that are crucial for entrepreneurs.

But, never fear, if you aren't or weren't a skater, there's plenty here for you. We went off on many tangents about belief and determination and, at the end, we asked Omar if he had one tip for small business owners out there to be "revenue resilient"...and he came up with THREE amazing gems on the spot.

So please listen in, enjoy, spread the word, and we hope you can take away an idea or an affirmation to keep you going on your journey.

Be sure to follow The Passionate Few on Apple Podcasts as well.

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