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Episode 5: John VanDeusen Edwards of the Food Is Free Project

In this episode we hear the origin story of the wildly popular Food Is Free Project as told by its founder John VanDeusen Edwards.

Listen here - Episode 5

John tells us how a creative idea to grow food in hot Austin, Texas, and the support of one broccoli-loving neighbor spurred him on to giving away food and how that turned into a global movement.

We talk about how this non-profit and their early days relates to business creation in general, and why, importantly, the best time to start an idea (or a garden, amidst a lockdown) is NOW!

We're lucky to have had the chance to interview John and hope you can enjoy his TED-X talk, and may also be inspired to start your own revolution in your front yard.

Find your local Food Is Free chapter on Facebook...or start your own.

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