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Episode 2: Greenspan - Authenticity and Staying True to Baltimore

Updated: Jun 11, 2020

In our second episode, we interviewed Baltimore hip-hop legend, Greenspan (aka Brian Dawkins).

Here we discuss what being an entrepreneur is, and the importance of authenticity to Greenspan's creative process...and self.

Listen here - Episode 2: Greenspan

We discuss some of his lyrics, as well as the phenomenal single INDIE ft. Christen B. and how Okayplayer.com called it "a celebration of black excellence in Baltimore".

In talking with Greenspan, you'll find out where this attention to detail comes from...and that there's much more on the way.

Find him at GoGreenspan.com and his exciting project No Food Deserts here as well, a mission to help combat the all-too-prevalent issue of food scarcity in cities like Baltimore.

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