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Episode 12: Raquel Langworthy on Saying "Yes" to Opportunity

We're excited in this episode to present photographer and entrepreneur Raquel Langworthy of Raquel Langworthy Photography.

Listen here - Episode 12

With her work featured even by Queer Eye's own Bobby Berk, Raquel tells us about her non-linear journey as a creative, and how others can seek out and find inspiration and happiness.

While some career paths may be "linear" as she says (Follow this high school path, get this degree, apply, etc), photography, creative pursuits, and perhaps entrepreneurship in general are paths that wind, climb, and often dip.

A key takeaway from this episode is that Raquel says to say "Yes" when presented with opportunities, even if they may frighten you. Saying this can tell yourself and your subconscious that you can achieve what you set out to...even if you fail at first.

Let us know your thoughts, and be sure to follow her on Instagram to stay up on her work.

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