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Episode 10: Nicole DuPuis, Ph.D. on the Future of Sustainable Cities

In episode 10, we take you on a "What If?" journey with Nicole DuPuis, the Director of Technology and Innovation at the American Public Transportation Association and a contributor at TechCrunch.

Listen here - Episode 10

Nicole has a multitude of degrees and extensive research into public policy and how to weave sustainable use into actionable ideas and tools.

We discuss how a post-Covid world may or may not take into account sensible equity policies, especially pertaining to the irony the the "safest" modes of travel may indeed be the most affordable, thus putting those currently at a disadvantage at an even further disadvantage.

How can modern cities, small and large, reasonably provide for safety without going overboard?

What can we as citizens do to impact policy so that we can CREATE rather than wait and hope for the best?

Listen up, comment, share, and let us know your thoughts!

Follow what Nicole is doing at the APTA here and check out the book she recommended by Donald Shoup entitled The High Cost of Free Parking

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